16 July 2008

It's All In Your Head

Why do we do it to ourselves? Why? WhyWhyWhy?

That is exactly what my friend kept asking last night over the phone. Why hasn't he called? What does that mean? What did she do wrong? When should she call him or email him or send him a text?

I did what any good friend would do and told her to knock it off.

It's early days in her burgeoning relationship. The regular communication was stalled by his trip to see family (and we all know how draining that can be) and a getaway of her own. It's not like they've not communicated at all. There have been phone calls and emails and texts (which I really think we all should avoid outside of an emergency). But it's not happening at the pace it did in the beginning. He's never not called when he said he would, only sometimes when she expected him to. And there you have it: She has been getting upset by her expectations, not his actions. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. Unanimous. I knew it.

My friend wanted to know, did she do something wrong? Obviously, if he's not calling when she expects him to, it must be her fault*. (I'll get to that later.)

Since she didn't insult him and there wasn't a tiff, how could she have done something wrong? Relationships aren't like chocolate soufflé. There isn't a perfect recipe or temperature setting to adhere to, and you don't have to tip-toe around them. They aren't ICU patients, either. You don't have to take their temperature or pulse every hour. They do need to breathe, though. They can suffocate easily.

It's difficult when you are stoned on excitement not to dwell on every little thing. Try to find meaning in every action or non-action. But if you end up anxiety-ridden because of it, just remember: *It's all in your head. So, knock it off. The thought process, that is. Not your noggin.

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