18 July 2008

Step Away From The Crack!

Have you watched A&E's Intervention? I think any woman falling in love or breaking up should. You get to see how crazy, sad and pathetic addicts can be. On occasion, you might catch a glimpse of what a friend (or you) looks like when talking about a relationship. Seriously. Some of the same phrases come of my friends when they are talking about a man. "If I can just talk to him (use) one more time, I'll never need to talk to him (use) again." "You don't know what it's like when it's just the two of us (when I'm high). You just don't know how good it feels." Sound at all familiar?

They say that the brain reacts to love and heroin in similar ways -- not that I could quote the doctor or study I heard that from, but it kind of makes sense, don't you think? The thoughts and feelings can become a bit of an addiction. Like an itch you can't scratch, you need another fix, some sort of contact. It becomes a form of crack. When it gets that bad, you really need to take a step back. Sure, you'll go through withdrawals, but those only last a few hours, maybe a day. Once you get your head clear, you'll feel stronger and can see things with a new perspective. Hopefully, you'll be able to go forward with a bit of balance. But, if you go right back to needing more and more, losing your control, you might want to admit you have a problem. Call a friend (sponsor) and start doing the twelve-step shuffle away from what's driving you crazy...even if it's crazy in a good way.

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